Do you want some cheese with that whine? (aka step circuit)

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Hi again! Being Friday, my 9:15 class is step circuit. I didn't prepare anything special Thursday night, like I usually do. So I knew I'd have to wing it. Well, the only combos I could think of off the top of my head, that weren't full of complex choreography, were the ones I teach for Step Orientation. We like circuit to be fun, but we don't want to have to think too much, that's what Monday and Wednesday are for. After teaching this class today I must say that we worked very hard and certain members were starting to whine "we hate you" "stop" to which I reply "do you want some cheese with that?" The choreo is NOT tapless, but transitions easily from one move to the other. I use a tempo of about 130-135, no need to go any faster, make them use the muscles, lets leave momentum for the physics majors.

Combo #1

32 counts total, repeat left lead

Weights, light to medium - bicep curls, play with the range of motion (ROM) and rhythm counts (3 up, 1 down or 1 up, 3 down etc.) Go for about 1-2 minutes depending on class form and technique.

Combo #2

Total 64 counts, repeat on left

Weights, light to medium - hammer curls, again playing with ROM and rhythm, also adding supination of the wrists - visualize a walnut placed in the crook of your elbow, your goal? to crack that walnut shell. How to do that? SQUEEZE THE BICEP HARD!!!!!

Again 1-2 minutes depending on the class

Combo #3

Total 64 counts, repeat on left lead

Weights- let's work the triceps. I used a dynaband with overhead extensions, unilaterally.

At this point - we have some stairs at our facility that lead out of the aerobics studio, 6 flights. I have the class run up the stairs, but WALK down. For those not into the stairs, they stay in the studio with me and I take everything from the top on the step. I appoint a leader for the stair runners, someone to watch and be sure everyone is okay. In another club we have a track, I would have them run 4 laps around the track. If you don't have the luxury of either, then devise some type of interval work on or off the step.. You could always put in a hi/lo tape and do a few easy hi/lo combos on the floor. I do this sometimes. The class enjoys it occasionally, gives them freedom from the step.

Weights - well not really, I have them do dips using the step, put in some extra risers for better ROM. For those who can't do dips, do overhead extensions, both arms together with a single heavy weight.

From here we take it all from the top with the step choreography and work it through about 2x. Tell them that they know it now, it's easy, work it as hard as they are able, recovery time is right around the corner.

Sometimes I throw in a lunging sequence at the end. Take them up onto the step and have them lunge back for 8, then turn face the side of the room, lunge for 8 again, turn to face back of room, lunge 8, etc. etc. etc. breaking it down to 4's and 2's and finally single lunges on the sides only, if they can handle it.

Make sure their bodies are aligning with their knees during these lunges.

Last weight interval - squats or whatever leg work you wanna do!

Finish them off with some abs and lower back, stretch 'em out good, relax them. Don't worry they'll love you again.

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