Let's go to the bar

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5760)

This is a great set if your studio has ballet bars for support and balance.

Have your students stand sideways to the bar, arm distance from the bar with proper alignment. I do everything in 8 reps...that's plenty.

Right leg lifts side (keeping the toes pointing to the wall-not the ceiling). 8 reps.

Hold the leg out and add single leg squats with the left leg. Tell them to try to sit in the lap of the person behind them. "Don't worry, their lap is not going to be there because they're trying to sit in someone else's lap." Also remind them that they should always be able to see their toes during squats. 8 reps

Hold the squat low and do right leg lifts working the top half of the range of motion (stopping at half way down and going back up). 8 reps.

Turn to face the bar with the right leg still elevated from the floor and do rear leg lifts. 8 reps.

Hold the leg up (keeping hips square to the wall) and add single leg squats on the left leg. Tell them to use the bar to pull away so that the knee will stay aligned with the foot. 8 reps.

Ham curls. 8 reps.

Now, here's the hard one. Still standing on the left leg (single leg squat position), facing the wall, hold 1 ham curl in. Rotate the hip joint and try to get the foot the same height as the knee with the knee towards the rear. This may look like a "doggie lift". I give them 8 counts to get into this position. From here, lift the right leg from the hip so that the foot and the knee stay at the same level. As you lower the leg toward the floor, the right calf should align with the left calf. "WE'RE DYING HERE". 8 reps.

If they still have anything left, have them hold the "modified doggie" up and do one last set of single leg squats on the left leg. 8 reps.


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