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Reasons for technical warm up:

Length of time varies to level of participants and the amount you include for the more advanced to make it more fun. (obviously beginners would take even more time)

Suggestions for progression in the technical warm up:


Arm positioning: Start out with praying hands in front of face and elbows tight together- then release hands to loose fist in a "on guard" position resting on your cheeks.
Foot Positioning: In orthodox, I measure how far the back foot is to be by taking the back foot and placing it behind the front foot and then moving it out at shoulder distance with both feet facing forward (if you want an explanation see my website or email me).
Beginners: Show front facing first then orthodox and southpaw stances.


Remember movements in any direction move the legs around like skipping, front; diagonal; or lateral movements can be done at anytime to get the legs moving now and then.- All punches from the cheek and back to the cheek in a punch/pull method. Although there are 3 main punches jab, hook, uppercut. Because you are doing them from the lead and power side they include different technique.

Jab (called from the lead)

Straight Punch (from the power side)

Hooks: (for power side see Straight punch for the start)

(for power side start the same way as the Straight Punch)

Note: Advanced classes add movements they already know with the punches to spice it up, break at least once for a quick cardio section with both beginners and advanced.


Front Kick:

Side Kick:

NOTE: All punches and kicks are done on both sides.

Thank you for the many responses over my past now 30 submissions to Turnstep.

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From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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