Interval Class

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This is a great format to use in your interval spinning classes! Your participants will get a terrific workout based on their individual fitness level.

At the beginning of class make sure each student knows his/her 65%, 75%, 85% heart rate (bpm). Take a small sticky note and write all of these numbers down so that it's easy for them to remember. (For this class to really be effective, they should each have a heart rate monitor). I have a difficult time teaching this class on the bike. I usually warm-up and cool down with them, but I time and monitor them off the bike. Here's the format:


5 minutes (one song)--get their numbers (bpm) up to 65%.

First interval:

Second interval:

Third interval:

(max is approximatetly 2-5 beats above their 85% number)

Cool down:

5 minutes @ 65% and lower

The total interval riding time is 36 minutes. Whatever you choose for your warmup and cooldown will determine the total number of minutes for the class. I like to keep my classes right at 45 minutes and I never make the interval part of class longer than 36 minutes (any longer and the students will be too exhausted by the end of class). Keep your music upbeat and fairly steady. Tell them at the beginning of class that they are allowed to do whatever they want (climbs, runs, jumps, etc.,) and they can go heavy or light on resistance just as long as their heart rate stays in whatever zone it is supposed to. Try this out and let me know what you think!

Happy Riding!

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