Abdominal Aberration

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5814)

A great ab pattern for you to add into your abs section. Advanced but see bottom for beginner method.

Basic position (on back, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart, lower back pressed into the mat, hands loosely clasped behind head, etc. etc.)

This is best when done after a basic move where one foot is crossed over the other thigh/knee and you were crossing shoulder to knee (not elbow to knee please!)
Then you basic crunch leaving the legs as is. Then you lift the foot off the floor-keeping the position of the legs (one crossed over the other; I cue 'keep the cross')

Have participants add a reverse curl/crunch/whatever you call it. So you are doing a basic upper body crunch and your feet are both off floor in a crossed position and you are doing a reverse curl too. It is difficult but really gets into those lower abs while still working the upper ones.

VARIATION: So as not to be repetitive in class, I will alternate that move with a similar but different one: Same position for your crosses (one foot on floor, other crossed over the thigh/knee).

Now, have them cross their legs all the way (like a lady) and keep the basic crunch going. Then lift the crossed legs off the floor and add the reverse curl. Again it is hard and really targets lower abs well.

BEGINNERS: They simply will do one or the other IE Yes, lift the feet off the floor but just continue basic crunches. This will be slightly hard but they should have no problem. OR tell them to just do the lower body part (reverse with feet up and crossed wide or tight) and rest the upper body.

This is my favorite abs move that my favorite step instructor used to do teach (hi Mindy!) and I have yet to see it used by anyone else. Email questions.

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