Kim W's Nov 99 "Tap Free" Step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 5815)

Step is vertical. Start is on left side, right lead. Entire routine is tapless, I recommend teaching with taps, then taking them out. This is for advanced students only! Explanation for unfamiliar terms is at end--enjoy.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

You are now ready to begin from Block #1 with a left lead on the right side of the step. This routine is awesome and I and my students have really enjoyed it--hope you do too!

Push step: Like a stomp twice on top of the step.

1/4 turnstep on floor: You are going around step with march, you then start turning the remaining 4 counts of an 8-count march in four circles towards the step. EX: March right, left, right, left (moving around end), right foot steps out wide, turn body towards left shoulder, step left foot wide (still turning) towards right shoulder--repeat again and you will be at your step facing back of room, step on right. You can replace this with a march X 4 making an 8-count march around the step.

L-step knee: Right foot on step, left knee up (counts 1 & 2), left foot down as you start turning on floor to wall that was originally behind you (counts 3 & 4), right foot down again and lift left knee (in-place, counts 5 & 6), walk X 2 on floor to step (counts 7 & 8), you are now ready to do the next step, over and over with a left lead facing back of room.

Over-over: Over the top left, turn on floor (toward right shoulder), repeat--no taps.

Pendulum turn: My very own creation and its really fun. You will be facing the step horizontally after finishing your over-over. Step up with left foot (count 1), throw right leg out like you are starting your pendulum (count 2), right foot hits step, throw left leg out (count 3), left foot hits step, throw right leg out (count 4), right leg hits step at the same time that you turn your body so that you are facing the front of the room, hop twice on top of step (facing front of room) while left foot is in front of you kicking high (counts 5-6), straddle step (counts 7-8). Have them kick high on the pendulums and its really fun--they love it!!

Kick and back it up: Kick, walk back X 3 on floor (travel) do a side kick or roundhouse on floor, walk back X 2 to step.

Reverse v-step: Like a reverse basic with wide legs, step up right, then left, then exit step on the other side with a reverse basic step (you will be facing step horizontally).

Three on stop: Three high knee lifts on top, turn on knee lift #2, then straddle step after knee left #3 (you will be facing front of room ready to begin from Block #1, right side of step, left lead).

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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