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Hi step and cardio kick box instructors who teach both or know both well.

This is going to take a while to pick up they aren't easy. Also the modifications are not exact for obvious reasons (no step and feet shoulder distance at all times etc.)

I have to say this is the hardest choreography I have done.

Combo 1:

Basic left from step modified
This move is done in 4 counts: Change direction to a basic right foot lead by stepping out with other foot first.

Combo 2:

An I-step move is simply stepping onto the step, doing a jumping jack, then stepping down and doing another jumping jack. (Modified to C.K.B. It can look like this.)
Front facing stance:
This move is done in 8 counts: Can repeat this move x 4 (32) then step forward with opposite foot etc.

Combo 3:

The Z-step move modified: starts front facing stance
This move is done in 8 counts: Go for 32-64 before going in opposite direction.

Combo 4:

An X-step move to a kickbox jabs and getting out of trouble with slip moves.
Start front facing stance. (move to the right first then eventually to the left)
This move is done in 8 counts: Note; slipping here means like a slide with a ducking motion to move out of distance to avoid a punch or to just keep moving in either a ring or a fitness class type setting. Repeat until you have it up to (64+) then move in the opposite direction to the left.

Combo 5:

Corner to corner step (modified to C.K.B, maintain a front facing stance and style)
This move is done in 8 counts: Repeat (32)

Have fun working on these. I did but it was not easy.

Don't forget to check my website for more than just choreography. It is an excellent club to join and learn more about fitness, with plenty of Instructors there.

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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