This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5860)

These are advanced moves borrowed from Pilates and yoga, designed to build core strength through abdominal stabilization. My classes love this stuff and are really challenged by it.

They may be performed in order (which I usually do) or not. Modifications can be dropped, but I strongly recommend doing the easier version first. Keep in mind that these are advanced -- don't throw them at your less fit clients.

Modified plank:

Begin in prone position, perched on elbows so your head and shoulders are raised and low back arched (a cobra, for you yoga types). Toes should press into the floor as students lift first their butt, then their entire body, off the ground. The idea is to form a completely straight, slanted line from toes to head. Keep shoulders down, head up and neck long.


Lie prone, with hands flat on the ground just at the shoulders (elbows should be pointing up). This time, as students lift the torso, butt and legs, they will support their "plank" with the entire arm.

In both moves, emphasize that the abs should be tight to stabilize the body and support that nice straight line -- but without holding your breath.

Side-lying plank:

(there's another name for this I think)
Lie on right side, prop upper body up on right elbow, with right hand on floor facing forward. Legs are straight and feet staggered slightly on the floor. Lift the body up, a sort of "sideways plank" so that the body is at a slant and forms a straight line from head to hips to knees. Again, abs are helping support the body.
Then ...

Advanced side-lying plank with rotation:

Take the left arm, which to this point has just hung there, and wrap is loosely around the rib cage. Slowly, never losing the stable abs, rotate the torso and pelvis toward the floor; hold for a few seconds, then slowly return to the starting position, lower to the floor and rest. Repeat on the other side.

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