GB:')s Kickbox from Step Moves 2

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 5861)

If you are still working on the last submission GB:')s Kickbox from Step Moves 1, no worries this one is easier to pick up than the last one. (Learning experience)

All music slow step until achieved (122- 126 bpm)

Combo 1:

Basic left from step modified
This move is done in 4 counts: Change direction to a basic right foot lead by stepping out with other foot first.

Combo 2:

Corner to corner punching a 1|2 punch Repeat x 4 (32) or x 8 (64)

Caution: doing a corner to corner with anything but a front kick a major con for side kick etc., because feet are too close together, and there isn't the proper timing for a safe technique therefore there is risk of feet being tangled and injury because of being unbalanced.

Combo 3:

From the mambo-cha-cha - punching
Front facing: Repeat in one direction x 8 (32) change lead foot.

Combo 4:

Repeater 3 (any more than 3 would be senseless and lead to injury to the hip joint) Repeat x 4 (32) change lead foot to the right and repeat changing sides.
You can change the knee smash to a front kick or side kick (but remember when using the side kick to place the weight bearing foot in diagonal position for chambering--> this is where you will need the extra count)
Can use a flutter kick for a repeater 3.

Combo 5:

L-step changed to an L movement in kickbox: Stay in this direction x 4 (32) or x 8 (64) then change lead foot and go in the other direction.

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Added by Ted Ducharme at 6:02 PM on Wednesday, November 24, 1999 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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