It's Payback Time!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 5882)

I am guilty of "using" for several months without "giving back"

Sorry! This one is some original, some recycled. It feels good to teach it and it flows. I know it's decent choreography when they ask me to teach it a second week in a row!

Please email any questions! Enjoy!

Bench is horizontal. All combos are 32 counts and self-reversing.

Combo #1:

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Note: in comparision, this one seems boring and basic. Not so! It is a cardiovascular kick in the rear and a ton of fun to cue.

Combo #5

Combo #6

Combo #7

Combo #8

This move combines "backfire" with "karate kick" As if you were going to execute a basic step, go onto the step right and left (counts 1 and 2). Your right leg will lunge back to the floor and step back on (counts 3-4) Your left leg will step down from the bench, followed by your right (counts 5-6) Your left leg will kick (you are still on the floor) and step back to the bench (counts 7-8) This is a single lead are still on your right lead.

**Triple lunge with 3 repeater knee:
Go onto the bench facing the side (like you were going to go over the top) and alternate 3 lunges from the top. (Right lunge, left lunge, right lunge), repeat your left knee three times and TRAVEL!!!! This move is awfully fun to teach because it self reverses and is quite fun and intense.

***Kickbox Rock:
This is a travelling rocking horse (teach this from a travelling repeater knee). Move to the side of the step (you are still facing front) and alternate your knee lifts, travel and do the same to the other side. To make it "kickbox", replace the second knee lift with a roundhouse kick! This is way fun and intense, especially when you combine it with the above move in its final form.

****Pump it up with triple shuffle around the step
Pump it up is also called "curb" and "chug", I think. Do it only one time (counts 1 and 2) and then "waltz" or shuffle 180 degrees around the step. You will end up facing the back wall and could repeat the move coming back around. I cue this as "Pump, 1,2,3 (facing front, moving right) 1,2,3, (you have quarter turn and are facing out) 1,2,3 (you have quarter turned and are facing the back wall)

*****V step with 2 pulse squats
Start a V-step (coutns 1-2), stay on and wide, do 2 quick squats down (counts 3-4-5) On count 6 jump together and land on top of the step narrow (like first two counts of a basic) Exit the move back to the floor (counts 7-8)

****** Double Trouble
Double Trouble is just a two repeater option. It is a single lead movement. Two repeat your right knee, step down and two repeat your left knee on the floor. (8 counts)

*******Turn to karate kick
Begin as you would a turnstep (counts 1-3) Instead of tapping down on count 4, begin to walk backwards on the floor (like a broadway knee) Continue walking back for 2 more counts, ultimately kicking on count 6. Use counts 7 and 8 to walk back to the step.

Hope these explanations help. Please do not hesitate to write to me if they are not!

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