Balance Work

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 5871)

This exercise is great for the butt. Tell your students to concentrate on squeezing their glute muscles for an intense workout.

Start in a defensive position...right leg forward, left leg back.

All together it sounds like this...
Jab, punch, knee, back kick without putting the knee down

Repeat as many times as you want.

During your last repetition of this combination, tell your students to hold the back kick up. Then, have them slowly drop it to the ground into a lunge. You can then add on...

Then change it to... And finally... After your last round kick to the side have your students plant the left leg so both feet are shoulder with apart. Now, side base (or boxer shuffle).

Then, have them turn their heads and arms to the left -- legs are still doing the boxer shuffle -- and...

Repeat as many times as you want. Then... To move them back towards the front of the room... Repeat until you finally hook to the front of the room only.

Now, your feet have switched. Your left leg is forward and right leg is back. Repeat the combination from the beginning.

Good luck and enjoy.

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