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Combo One:

Repeat left

Combo Two:

Repeat left

Combo Three:

Repeat left


*Karate kick: step right on the west corner of the step, kick left (1,2) step back (3,4,5) kick right out to the side [karate style] (6) *Make a big YAAAW sound with the kick* and step back up to the bench right, left (7,8).

**Hamcurl front/back: one hamcurl on the west end [step right, curl left] (1,2) step back left, right, left (3,4,5) turning toward bench as you go and curl right (6) and turn back to step left, right (7,8).

***Detour: Over the top with a turn and walk. Go over leading right (1,2) step back with your right (3) and turn body so that your left foot on exit is heading around the bench (4) walk around the bench for 4. [eliminates tap]

****3 hup-hup-hup. A three knee repeater option. Step up on west end right and knee left (1,2) tap around the corner of the bench (3,4,5) *Make HUP-HUP-HUP sound with the tap, tap, tap* knee up again (6) and exit (7,8).

+V step-two knees: Step up in a V (1,2) right, left. Lift right knee (3,4) Then left knee (5,6) exit right, left (7,8) NOT A LEAD CHANGE. People sometimes want to exit after the left knee and change lead. No, no.

++Corner V: A V-step on and off the bench, performed on the corner.

#L-step kick it: A regular L-step but on 4, instead of a knee, kick out to the side karate style.

##Squats corner to corner: squat up on west corner and then east corner.

I just finished using this and it went over great. All the vocalizing makes people smile at the least. Yes, I make them YAAA when they karate kick and hup-hup-hup, too. I tell them it's to insure that they are breathing because they shouldn't depend on me for CPR!!! haha Let's face it, you CAN'T make silly noises in class and feel irritated or grumpy. Plus, it's a stress-kicker!

Let me know if it isn't clear!
Love to hear some feedback.

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