Shebobo's Adv. High Intensity

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Here is a challenge that will take weeks to perfect. Bench is facing horizontal. All patterns 32 count and self-reversing. Teach everything doubled and then cut it down to what you see here. Good luck! Email questions and comments.

Pattern 1 (easy staple)

Pattern 2 (challenge)

Pattern 3 (challenge)

Pattern 4 (easy)

Pattern 5 (easy)

Pattern 6 (easy)

* High intensity is up, up, lunge side, lunge side, exit

** Up claps are hop on bench on count 1 clap on count 2 exit on 3,4

*** Airplane is hop right 4x 180 degrees arms out wide & left is glute lift

****Add intensity by adding side lunges in a squat position

^ Kick on bench (2) turn 180 degree (2) kick on floor (2) turn 180 back (2)

^^ Hop over the bench on right foot only & face front & exit off back

# Right foot on bench, left foot on floor, march with thighs parallel to floor - add intensity by doing this and moving around the bench

## Horseshoe = turn (2) straddle (2) turn (2) exit (2)

Are you lost? Need help? Feel free to contact me. Anyone have any equally challenging patterns?

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