For Kim W.

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 5891)

This is a self-reversing, 64-count, vertical double step combination, just for you, Kim! :-) I hope you have fun with it.

Left bench is #1, right is #2. Start is outside #2, facing front, left lead. If anyone has any questions, just email me!

Revolving L-step: Best way to explain is to "break it down." I have everyone do about 4 L-steps with knees, off the SAME side of the bench each time. First, I emphasize the movement contains 3 knees, then I point out the lead leg is on the bench-floor-bench. Then I show my first knee like a hop turn, second knee on the floor - still turning, last knee on the bench - still turning! On the last count your left foot is in the air, and you are ready to do the Vee on the other bench.

Double repeater, walk over, pivot: On the second knee, walk over the bench, count 5 steps down, count 6 pivots, counts 7 & 8 = march, march.

Quickie: (I got this from someone else on this site, but I cannot remember their name. Sorry!) Four knee repeater, counts 9 & 10 = bounce on top, counts 11 - 13 = 3 QUICK lunges [starts with whatever leg was the lead leg at beginning of move], counts 14 - 16 = knee up & off. The move ends on the opposite side from where you started.

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From: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (USA)
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