Wet and Wild 7

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5521)

This pattern is in blocks. Teach each block and then keep adding on. When I taught the whole thing it took 45 minutes including a l0 minute warm-up.

Block 1

Teaching breakdown:

Block 2

Explanation of move:
Right heel goes to side in heel dig hop on the left foot
Then bring the right foot behind in a hamstring curl and reach your left hand to the heel of that right foot..continue on the same leg traveling like you travel a jumping jack

For the rocking horse then take that right leg in front and begin travelling forward with the rocking horse....then run backwards...add the twist jump in place...and you are ready to travel back with the left heel dig...now put block one and two together...

Block 3

Explanation of move:
Bottoms up--is a pike jump...you jump off the bottom of the pool; raise your hips high..legs straight toes pointed and move in a backwards direction...looks like a jack/knife ...

Run backwards first...quickly turn around and begin the bottoms up moving backwards

Block 4

Explanation of moves:
*** One leg tuck--(Tawnee's move) hop on right leg; left knee is bent in a tuck position...as you hop on the right bring the right knee up to left knee to form a tuck position...but then return the right foot back down to the bottom of the pool...so you continue on the same leg moving forward...and then switch legs moving backwards.

Block 5

If something is not clear write and I will try to explain further. Remember to break each block down...teach each skill...then keep putting them together...teach pyramid...do l2 of each skill, 8 of each, etc...then put the skills together to form the block...then connect the blocks one by one.

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