Wet and Wild 8

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5527)

This is a noodle workout done in shallow water. The design is for an hour long class--45 minutes cardio/the rest toning and cool down.

Warm/up for about l0 minutes

Block 1

Teaching breakdown:

Block 2

Teaching breakdown and explanation:

Block 3

Block 4

Explanation of move

All the blocks should fit together...teach each one and keep adding on. Now have them jog in place and bring the noodle to the front of their body to finish the next blocks of cardio

Block 5

Explanation of move

Block 6

Block 7

Explanation of moves:


Put the noodle under the arch of the right foot and stomp down on it for l-l/2 minutes---
Then do the other leg

Hook the noodle on the ankle of the right foot...put your knees together and extend your leg to almost the bottom of the pool...like a land hamstring curl...but this works quads..
Then do other leg.

Play time--
Rick a shaw
Get a partner...still have the noodles...you are back to back each holding the others noodle ....one person drags the other...while the partner is lie supine either doing nothing or frogs kicks...when you get across the pool....switch

Cool down stretch

This class took an entire hour.
l0 minute warm up
Next 35 minutes/l/2 of time noodle in front/ l/2 noodle behind
Toning and 5 minutes for rick-a-shaw/cool down

If you need further explanation please let me know.

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