Plain Old Aerobics

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 5532)

Combo 1

Combo 2

Before teaching 2nd combination allow march/step touch holding pattern

Then combine combos 1 and 2 in an L-shaped pattern as follows:
Travelling squat to right followed by two step touches to right,then perform the EZ walk with a quarter turn to face the right wall. Add the step and lift travelling to the front of the room, with the grapevine returning to the back wall and the skip rope on the spot turning back to face the front. Repeat the whole combo to the left (starting with travelling squat).

Combo 3

Hammer kicks = a la MC Hammer = lift knee and push behind with foot before setting down.

Teach side lunge move 1/2 time as follows:

Repeat to the left

When teaching, use a march or steptouch holding pattern between the diagonal travels; teach the side lunges, then replace the holding pattern with the taught move.

Combo 4

Change knee lifts x4 to knee lifts x2 plus lift /heeldig and knee lift, essentially changing a standard move to lift, lift, lift/heeldig, lift. Interesting arms can be added to this combo by making the arms follow the legs: Shoulder press, shoulder press, shoulder press, lateral raise/salute. (Up, up, up/out/salute)

Combo 5

Repeat to left

Combo 6

Please email me for clarification. I believe that my moves are probably quite difficult to fathom as they are written down, but I'd like to share them if I could

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