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Hi Boxaerobic instructors so glad to send another bunch of combos I hope you will enjoy. The Movements in a diagonal direction are of my favorite combinations. Although I have a number submitted already there is still more on the shelf to share. I first saw them performed last Feb. 99 by Libby Norris and have used them since.

For the sake of not having to repeat "2 diagonal steps (left or right; advancing or retreating) with jabs" I will say it just once per model and the following combinations would be just added onto the model.

Model A

Top: 2 diagonal steps advancing to the Left with jabs (4)

- From here in this model you will need (12 more counts) to reach (16) which would be a good number since when you advance you eventually have to retreat or you run out of space. The other 16 counts to make a full 32 eventually come from retreating back to the original position. (After finishing the 16 count)

- Make sure when you had enough diagonal movements in the left direction that you change over to the right for an equal amount: to maintain balance in your routine.

Beginners example to add to the top

Repeat this 16 count 2-4 more times then make sure you switch over to the opposite direction (i.e. going diagonally right) and change the other movements added on in regards to left and right side) (now that you have the big picture, let's add some more combos)

Combo 2 (progression from the first)

Again don't forget to change direction eventually for an equal amount.

Combo 3 (advanced)

Model B:

(is an 8 count movement because you are both advancing and retreating).

Top: 2 diagonal steps advancing to the left with jabs then retreating with 2 diagonal steps back to original position (8)

- From here all you have to add is another 8 count combination for a 16 count. (If the moves are simple enough you can go in both directions but for this submission just go in one direction like the last model then after 2-4 x switch over to the other direction until you are used to it)

Another beginners example:

Combo 2 (progresses from the last one)

Combo 3 (more advanced boxing)

Combo 4 (progression from the last one)

Combo 5 (kickbox)

Combo 6 (advanced kickbox, pay attention to footwork here)

Please remember to change direction on all the above combinations after you have gone in one direction a few times.

Keep it simple and safe.

Till next time. Remember goodboxerseyes

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From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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