Misty loves a Mambo in a Quad Step Combo

This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5591)

Steps are organized in typical Quad grid with an empty row on the right and an empty row on the back to allow for movement.



Some of this is borrowed. Many thanks for your submissions.

Left foot leads each of these 32 count combos. The foot designated in the combos is the foot that hits the step on beat one. Start in the Gap of A and B, ping ponging with knee lifts to get the class used to changing steps befor launching into combos. I usually teach the first sixteen counts of combo 1 in Step A and B before moving it the C and D.


Self reverse with right lead on C.

2. Back on step A, with left foot lead

Self reverse with right lead on C.

3. Tricky combo. Back on A with left lead

Self reverse with right lead on C.

4. Back on A with left lead

Self reverses with right lead on D. (This is another twist as the other combos have self reversed on C)

All my classes love this because it is both easy and complicated, all of the moves are safe, and time flies.

If you have any questions please email me. Also if you have any Quad choreography, I am most eager to hear from you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This class is named for Misty, who shares my belief that, "A day without a Mambo is like a day without sunshine."

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