Football feet

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I work with classes who like music and some who hate music, I find that this works with both. This only works well in chest deep water, but I suppose it could work in deep water with a belt.

I have everyone jog quickly like football players, cueing to get the heels down as much as possible. That's the basic thing with the feet. I usually have them do tiny vigorous punches with the arms in front.

FEET: I change things around a bit by having them get low in the water still football jogging the feet. I have them bring the feet out wide, and back in, etc. I also like for them to get their shoulders down below water, sinking their butts down and have them shuffle right and left.

ARMS: One arm variation is having their arms extended like their on a cross (shoulders are below water) and have them make tiny circles forward and then back. I have them make the circles bigger or smaller, change direction etc.

Let me know if this helps! Aqua is fun to really get to know and motivate class members, but sometimes new ideas run dry.

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