Smoooooth Moovz

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 5603)

Right foot lead

32 Counts

Repeat left foot

*Walk the bench: Left foot steps on bench right foot lifts slightly on the floor (1,2 )left foot mambos forward on the floor right foot lifts slightly on the floor (3,4) left foot steps on the bench and right foot lifts slightly on the floor (5,6) left foot mambos to the back on the floor and right foot lifts slightly on the floor. (7,8) - ready to repeat turnstep on left

I would like to pass on a little tip I use when putting combinations together. I take into consideration where I am before and after a combination in relation to the bench and direction of the room. Once you have taken in that consideration the first move of the next combination should just flow from where you are standing. For instance, in this combination one would end up facing 90 degrees to the left wall (west) with the bench to your right shoulder. To make the next combination just flow, I would start the next combination either with an L-step off the left end or a charleston kick to the left corner or just an easy hustle (facing west) or walk around the bench. It makes for some smooth moves!

Any questions, mail me

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From: Oswego, New York (USA)
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