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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 5607)

Hi fitness instructors, Thanks to Greg being in full service the emails are coming in for the whereabouts to the our website community.

This is Part 2 of the Lateral Movement series. The first being a simple warm up move now I will show you progression to a simple Boxing addition to a more complex Box type of pattern. See last submission by clicking my name below. (If in Turnstep webpage)

Starting Simple

Combo 1 Simple Double Step Lateral Movements

Combo 2 Adding a 1-2 punch at the end of double step

Combo 3 The Boxers Box. (Making a box pattern)

This combination of lateral with advance and retreat double steps can be use to any shape pattern. (Use your imagination).

* A diamond shape pattern with Diagonal Double Steps movements (here you really have to concentrate on keeping the both feet pointing forward at all times).

Well there is lots you can do to add or modify these movements and combos of punches so have fun trying to think of ways to alter it once you have the original down.

Look forward to the next submission with Lateral Movement & Kicking Combinations.

Till next time make sure it is "Fun to Stay Fit" FTSF for short.


Thanks for the emails and new people interested in website community keep them coming.

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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