Lauri's Athletic Strength Circuit

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You will need the following equipment: Cones, step risers, 6 inch steps, medicine ball, exerbands, tubing and jumpropes. BPM are 130-135

Room Set Up
Step risers along left wall spaced about 2 risers apart.
Cones along the right wall
A step line with about 9 steps horizontally placed end to end.

o                          o
o                          o
o                          o
o                          o


Warm up and stretch, be sure to warm up and stretch upper body as well

I did this as a follow the leader style drill if you have a lot of students you may want to break it into stations.

Have two students each holding a medicine ball stand on either side of the cones, their backs to the cones. (the other students will form 2 lines and do knee lifts or jacks to keep moving. The first two students will race backwards to the last cone and then race forward and pass the ball to the next students in line, the original two will then go to the back of the line, do this at least three times.

Everyone to the front and center:
Cross jabs right and then left. Grab exerbands and simulate archery arrow pulls right 16 then left 16. This will work delts and triceps.

Follow the leader to the step risers and simulate a football tire run straddling the risers not stepping into them. At least 2 minutes.

Front and center:
Exerbands around the ankles, step touch 16, double step touch 8, hamstring curls 8, repeater 4 hamstring curls. Repeat left lead

Step lines:
Everyone on a step facing the right wall, up up lunge side 2 & exit off, side lunges 16, double lunges 16, quadruple lunges 8, back down to singles.

Everyone to the back of the step lines for step push ups. Place hands on steps, knees on floor and GO, 8 regular, 8 slow, 8 up 3 down 1.

Cones: up and around each cone (be sure the next student waits until the first student is at least 3 cones up). At least 3 times through for each student.

Back to Step lines: Tricep dips

Follow leader to risers and jump "hurdles" forward right leg first, run around to end of line, left leg next, run around to end of line, run the straddles sideways.

Front & Center: snap kicks alternating right/left, double snap kicks, lunge knee lifts (reverse lunge and pull lunging leg back up into a knee lift to the chest) YEEWOEE. Squat knee lifts alternating.

Step lines: straddles in place to power straddles (down down 1/2 time, squat and jump up onto step) to fire feet (down down up up as fast as you can).

Front & Center - 5 minutes of jump rope to finish off cardio

Tubing: everyone grab a exertube and stand in a close circle, each student intertwines their tubing so it looks like a giant spider web when your finished, each student has their own handles. Take a few steps back and do rows with palms facing each other, now palms down and do rows for middle traps, now palms up and do rows, now everyone turns around so no one is looking at each other, be sure to cue one foot forward or they'll lose balance and do chest presses. Finish off with each student holding their own tubing (no more circle) and do bicep curls. Total body done. Hope you enjoy. Please email me if you need any clarification at all.

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From: Murdock, Florida (USA)
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