Leslie's 10/15/99

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5611)

Well, here goes again. Everytime I try to get one in I get interrupted. Using north, south, east, west-north always being the front of the room. Thank you to everyone to contributes. You'll recognize your moves.

Combo #1

Repeat all starting with basic left, when you get to the hop turn & lunges you will be leading with your left leg on the hop turn and lunging twice with your right. When you come off get ready to lead with your right.


Repeat from "L" off on east side, left lead


Repeat from turnstep 2x on left

Repeat from 3 knee left left lead off east end

Combo #4

This first move is kind of had to explain, so I will have to break it down You are ready to repeat from knee straddle knee kick move on other side.

***I got the 3 knee "L" from Kathy Z.

You are ready to start on the other side
I cue this "Step knee, step knee, step knee, walk walk"

Hope I didn't screw up the directions. It's been a long day.
I have really had fun with this routine
Any questions, let me know

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