A Long One!

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5619)

Benches are vertical. Home is on the left, neighbor, on the right begin to left of home with a right lead.

Turnstep right and left. Step knee and over home, change benches- turn, straddle, turn. (You will now be to the right of neighbor) left lead, three knee repeater finishing on the straddle.(32 counts)

Right lead, inside of neighbor-3 corner kick: (this is an alternating step kick on the inside corners of the benches-begin in front of neighbor, then back of neighbor, back of home. Finish in the front of the home but straddle down. You will now be inside of the home step. With a right lead, 1 basic straddle, up, up and exit right turnstep left and right. (32 counts)

Change benches to neighbor: 4 corner repeater: (this is a 3 knee repeater at each of the 4 inside corners(32 counts)- when you finish-go back to neighbor and do a 4 corner kick (1 step kick at each of the inside corners) go back to neighbor and do 1 step kick at neighbor, and one at home. Then go over the top of neighbor (to your right) and finish on the outside of neighbor with 1 step abductor lift. (32 counts) You are now ready to begin left lead from the neighbor step! Have fun with it!

Benches need to be far enough apart to comfortably move in the middle of the benches

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