Non-stop Cardio Kick

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I have visited this site many, many times. Thanks to all of you who have submitted your art. I have not shared much of what I have choreographed myself simply because I am a bit selfish......tee hee.....not really...most of the best classes I have taught in the past were made up of moves I borrowed from many of you. I have, in the last couple of months, begun teaching Cardio-Kickboxing at a couple of different facilities. I absolutely love the intensity! Here is something I came up with that most participants just adore!

Begin this from a Bob 'n' Weave that has been turned to the left side of the room (head facing front of room, abs/hips to left of room)

Start all over again with 32 counts of Bob'n'Weave turning it to the other side! :)

If any of this makes no sense (not that I would be surprised, this is hard to write!) Please email me and I will be able to give you more details.

**As you all know, while punching across the body, turn the hip of the striking arm in the direction of the strike.

This is the condensed version. I take tons of time to break down the moves. Always isolating punches and kicks. Always starting at 1/2 speed and then blowing it all out. Always begin with a very basic move. Start big, finish small....for example: once I have broken down the new move, I do a full 32 counts of it. If I show a new move as being 4 counts, then I do it 8 times. The final version is above, with just a couple of each moves. It really cooks and everyone is soaked in the end!!!

Have fun!

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From: Tampa, Florida (USA)
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