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I wouldn't recommend this one for beginners, but it is a ton of fun! Bench is horizontal.

Warm up

I usually teach the whole thing on the floor, then when they are comfortable I have them take the 3 step touches across the bench, they will need to know it on and I will explain in detail

Block one

Block two

Block three

*Step up right, curl left while adding 1/4 turn to face back of room (1,2) step on top of bench left, curl right (3,4) step right on bench, curl left while turning to face the left (5,6), straddle down (7,8)

**Step up left right (1,2) step on floor with left foot, right foot lifts only an inch (3) right foot steps on bench (4) left foot to bench (5) right foot steps on floor, left lifts an inch (6) left foot on bench, right foot on the bench (7,8) You will end up on top!

***Like a shuffle turn, but you won't turn...shuffle on the bench right leg (1,2) still facing right wall step on floor with left leg (3), straddle the bench, step on the floor right on the other side of the bench (4) moving back, shuffle on the bench left, then straddle down (5,6,7,8)

**** Left foot step touches to the top of the bench, step touch left again, staying on top, step touch left to exit off the side, then do the tiny squat. To add intensity, hop up to top, hop over on top, STEP TOUCH EXIT, one jack on the floor

I hope that you can make some sense of this. Please email me with questions and I will be happy to clarify.

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From: Frederick, Maryland (USA)
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