Do You want to Sweat 4?

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 5665)

All patterns start with the right lead, the first two end in a leg neutral position for lead changes.

Vertical Pattern 1: 32 counts

Vertical Pattern 2: 32 counts

Vertical/Lateral Pattern: 64 counts

!Thanks to Dennis Mills!
(Diagram below)

4 Corners: starting at 1* below: Step touch forward at an angle to the front right corner (first four counts). The next step touch is the same except on counts 6-7 you turn your body counter clockwise so that you end up at 2*, and you are facing the right wall (next four counts). As you tap on count 8 you are fully facing the right wall and ready to grapevine (g1) to the back of the room then to the front (next 8 counts, total of 16 so far). Start again at 2*: step touch at an angle toward the back right corner (counts 17-20). In the next step touch turn your body counterclockwise again so that you end up at *3 and are facing the back of the room (counts 21-24). Grapevine to your right, then to the left (g2) (counts 25-32). Continue around until you are back to where you started (1*) (a total of 64 counts).

     Front wall   Front right corner
    |    g2     |
    |g1         |g3  Right wall
    |           |
         g4       Back right corner
      Back wall

The four corners may be difficult to understand, please email me if you want further clarification. Also I am the originator of all the Do You Want to Sweat_?s. I am including my name and email so if you have any question about any of these please email.

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