J.J. & GB:')s Triple Combo

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5410)

I would like to introduce www. to Jacqui Jenski (who has a beautiful Australian accent) a senior in aerobics instruction and has dived into C.K.B. With her own class a couple of nights after my own. We have worked together quite often this year and it is about time I submitted Triple Combo just for her. I took her combo for Combo 3. Thank you Jacqui for all your help these past months.

Combo 1

Start in orthodox boxing stance Repeat combo in orthodox 2 x (32) for (64)
Repeat combo now in southpaw boxing stance (64)
(this combo can be used to show all kinds of boxing combos)

Combo 2

Front facing (aerobic stance)

Combo 3 Thanks to Jacqui Jenski

Still in front facing (aerobic stance) Now here's some fun. Take the 3 small combos (a,b,c) in Combo 3 and add to it: eg. a) would look like this: Now do the same for b), and c).

Thank you for the positive remarks in email on choreography and "Fun to stay Fit" website. (look on website for new photos of poses, stances, Boxing movements, punch and kicks.) Goodboxerseyes ...Ted.

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(Email: tjducharme@odyssey.on.ca)
From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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