Partner Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 5477)

Place two steps in a horizontal position, so the ends are touching. One person faces north, one person faces south, both are on the step to their right. Lead with the inside leg. (side closest to your partner. The first 3 combos are easy to get people used to facing forward and back. Grapevine to switch steps in low impact, jumping jacks, etc. for higher impact.





Repeat on the left step.


Repeat E. on the left step.


Repeat F.


Repeat this on the left step leading with the right foot.


I have many other easy but intense combos that I use. The class loves this routine once they get over having to face another direction. Keep adding on, and "Scramble" the class by having all the north or south facing people change to another step. Partners can slap hands, etc. as they switch from one step to the other.

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