Line Them Up

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 6839)

This can really get the pulse beating and it is fun too.

Line up your class from side to side of the pool. Leaving room in the front of the line from the pool side.

             X  X  X  X  X  X  X

Have the first person or yourself, hold a beach ball or (whatever you choose to pass), begin pedal jog or march, then pass the ball to the person behind you. After you give the person behind you the ball, start with your first move, i.e. call out jumping jacks arms out of the water. As the ball passes through each person, each person follows with the first move, jumping jacks. Everyone in the line continues to pedal jog or march until they pass the ball to the next person. When you get the ball to the last person in the line, he/she runs up to the front of the line, everyone jumps back a step back and you start it all over again with passing the ball back and doing move number 2. Pick like 6 different moves and go through the line at least 2x to make sure each person gets to do all the moves. The faster you go, the more moves you can do and the quicker you can go throught the line. If your class is big enough, you could split it up and make it a competition to see which ones can get through the line 3x the fastest.

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