Jack in the box

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6844)

This is a 16 counts or 2x8 move on the right and then 16 or 2x8 counts on the left. The Jack in the Box. (both metaphor, restaurant and the toy that pops up.)

This can fit anywhere in a routine, especially nice transition when coming from a V-step, also easy to do insertions to get to the other side.

Right lead first:

Turnstep into a straddle: up/right 1- up/left 2- down/right 3 - down to straddle/left -4. (stay in the straddle on the floor) lift right foot and tap the step on 5th count, then the same right foot taps the floor on the left side - 6th count, the same right leg lifts up and over the step on 7th count and slap the knee on the 7th count, then put the right foot back on the floor on 8th count (where it started in a straddle) Then... (the left foot does the same) Left foot taps the step on count 1, then left foot taps the floor on the right on count 2, then the left leg lifts up and over the step on 3rd count and slaps the knee on that 3rd count, then put the left foot back on the floor on the 4th count, then jump up on to the step with both feet (straddle jump together)on counts 5 and 6, then step down to the floor with the right foot on 7th count and then bring the left foot to the floor on the 8th count. Then repeat on the left side. So the rhythm is: (right side) Up, up, down, straddle, tap the step, tap the floor, slap the knee, touch the floor, (left foot) tap the step, tap the floor , slap the knee, touch the floor, Jump up together on the step, step down right and step down left.

It is actually not too difficult. I do it slow and and regular time, use metaphors for easy brain understanding. To break it down, I usually do practice the taps in the warm up, (like tap, tap, slap knee and down) then lots of turnsteps, then to turn and straddle with marches on the floor in straddle, then slow the rhythm to: tap the step, tap the floor, slap the knee. etc.

I use the metaphor for Jack In the Box restaurant, Fast Food: the walk-in service is the slow breakdown moves, then the drive-through sevice is the final product move (or to tempo) The POP UP is the jack in the Box metaphor for the toy. It is a very sing-songy rhythm. It is also very right and left brain, so arms are natural except the slap the knee which picks up the rhythm and causes the right left brain to work out increase.

Play with the slower Rhythms and develop a sing song beat. Get the students to slap the knee with the opposite hand to increase the neuro-connections across the right and left hemispheres of the brain, if you can, get them to say a word or a phrase in rhythm with the step and the music, then even more neuropathways are stimulated across the brain. (corpus callosum) This results in increased brain hemiphere communication as well as ability for your students (and yourself) to think quickly on the feet. Coordination and balance are also enhanced.

Thanks for the time

Claudia from Strong, Stretched and Centered Mind/Body Fitness Institute of Maui.

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From: Wailuku, Hawaii (USA)
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