I think I got a "GLUTEy Call"

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6845)

This combination can be done towards the end of your workout when you want to do more conditioning anaerobic moves verses aerobic. This a killer after all that work already done on the glutes during the aerobic section!

Step is horizontal- (instead of asking class to move board just ask them to march on top facing east or west)

Start with alternating straddle tap on the board, (right foot down left foot down, right foot up, left foot comes up to tap change) right and left (8) to introduce the movement

Combination #1

Combination #2

Combination #3

Sloooow down to slow power squats alternating
Killer section..... ALTERNATE both right and left squat knee squat put foot back on board right & left 4x (32)

Watch their form at the end they will be tired and so will YOU! Write me with any comments good or bad love adina, a loyal turnstep.com clicker :)

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