The Robot Plays Basketball

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6846)

This is a 32 count pattern on each the right and left sides. Start in a V-step right lead (any arms) 8 counts, (make arms and body stiff now like a robot for the next 8 counts) then step up right on 1, up left on 2, then step the right foot down or (back to start position) on 3 and step front or (forward over the step) with the left foot on 4, (like a split) (you will now be in a forward straddle), then staying on the floor, take a small steps with the right and then the left as you turn the right, and both feet to face the right side of the room on 5 and 6 counts (side straddling the bench). Then jump up from the straddle on to the step on 7 and 8 counts.

From the top of the bench, lunge (down and up) side right 1 and 2 counts and left on 3 and 4 counts and lunge right 5 count and up 6 count and down off the step with the right foot 7 count, then tap down with the left foot on count 8 in preparation for leading with the left leg. (single single double rhythm). (This will set up for starting the next and final 8 counts) Then lead left with a simple alternating step lift shoot hoops (basketball) on the left and right. then...Begin the entire sequence on the left side of the body leading with the V-step.

So the rhythm is: V-step right (8) easy, then the robot part (keep alternating feet): up, up, back, front, turn, turn, jump together. (8) rhythmic tricky lead right from the top: lunge, and lunge, and lunge lift step down .(8) rythmic power. From the left: Step lift, down, down, step lift, down down. (8) easy basic stuff.

It sounds more complex than it is. The tricky part is the robot part, so to make it easy and fun, we do the V-steps and then basics at regular tempo, then I use the metaphor for the robot, to practice the move slow we say "batteries are low, we go real slow" then we do that 8 count slow. Then when we are on the top of the step we do the lunges many times at tempo in singles amd doubles then break it down to the single single double rhythm, until they are ready and we can exit off the bench with the right foot. Then we have the "robot play basketball" (alternating step) we already rehearsed some of these rhythms in the warm up. Then we practice on the left in the same way. As we build up the "charge in the batteries" To start the whole thing from the right. Since the only place we were on "low batteries" was the robot part, when we put it to tempo it works perfectly. The students are also "charged up" and then we keep adding into the middle of the combo.

Have fun, Claudia Micco From SS&C on Maui

I think that's it. Email me if you have questions.

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From: Wailuku, Hawaii (USA)
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