5:30 am mover

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6869)


I try to teach in 32 count blocks, 4 combos so you use an entire musical phrase and you start the new musical phrase on the other lead foot. That way the class gets into the music and the pattern. All the following combos are self-reversing so you can use them as stand alone to add to other patterns.

Combo 1

**(not quite a Z-step, I cue this as a step touch: left foot up on top of bench, right touches left, right foot to right side of bench, still on top, left foot touches, left foot goes down to the floor in front of bench on left side, right foot touches, right steps on the floor to the right side of the bench, left foot touches. Perhaps this is like a waltz step, two on top, two on the floor.)

Combo II

Combo III

If you teach this as a stand alone combo make the last kick a turn so it is self-reversing: flip, turn 2X

**(A hop step or pivot around the short side, takes you to the other side of the bench facing the opposite direction)

Combo IV

I taught these at the 5:30 am class today. I have a lot of new people so I broke the patterns down into individual combos. I taught Combo I, then Combo II and then Combo I and II together. Then Combo III, then IV and put those two together. Then finally all four together.

Have fun. We used Power Music Funky Step 4 and had a great time.

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