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Hi Ted Ducharme here or Goodboxerseyes.

If any of you gave me an email last time and I couldn't get back a response to you it is only because there was a email error in the address given me. Also the best way to the "Fun To Stay Fit" Website is through my Homepage if you go searching again.

With that said it is great to be back and do some more house cleaning. As I stated I am looking at my own submissions and modifying them for obvious safety reasons.

This submission I am going to emphasize Stances and Punching together. The following are submissions in this area that I have submitted to Turnstep.

There are excellent teaching instructions included in:

There are weak areas in the submissions though that have not been explained well enough and these I will point out.

1. Any kind of pivot action done by the back foot in either orthodox or southpaw stance when wearing running shoes will cause a twist or torque action to the knees in both the front knee (laterally out) and the back knee (laterally in). As seen in the left stance or the boxers type of stance where the back foot is pointed to the side in any degree.

If you are wearing martial arts or boxing footwear that provides a pivot action because of the way they are designed you can use the pivot action for stationary bags etc. But not in the group fitness class where you have to keep up to a beat count. (There is not enough control of movement in this particular situation) My submissions above have not obviously made this clear enough. Modification to these type of stances is to point both feet forward and keep them that way even when moving around. This takes practice but if you don't your knees will eventually experience chronic pain down the road. This may not be a problem to the individual fitness instructor who constantly teaches with a couple of injuries but it is to the participant who doesn't care to have any potential injury.

2. The Power Punch (or any punch delivered from the back foot) the modification is simple in the movement as stated above with both feet forward. Raising the heel and pointing the hip in a forward direction directing the punch forward at all times is very simple to practice and I have found the participants improve with this very quickly as long as the feet are both pointing forward. When a punch is directed to the side for any reason or across the midline the knees are again compromised, especially the front knee that is weight bearing (laterally moving out).

3. The Beats per minutes for punching is a major error if you are punching at tempo above 126-128 beats per minute to any punch but the jab and straight punch (also referred to in the sport of boxing as the cross jab) Throwing jabs and straight punch at half time (or a punch every 2 counts) is easy for even the beginner but when you bring it up to tempo it takes a while for them to properly execute the quick retraction of the punch. Now adding on the hook involves more movements such as bring the elbow up and back down again which requires more time and precision slowing the b.p.m. down to the above mentioned or even lower benefits the participant in proper execution of the hook. The uppercut is a 3 movement punch in which the elbow is brought to the belly button or hip area (but never behind the torso for obvious prevention of a front deltoid injury) then it is brought out to the sternum of the opponent at a 45 degree angle before it is brought back up to the on-guard position.

That is it for now read the above submissions making sure you put these clearer modifications into your program and you and your participants will be injury free. It doesn't matter anymore that you are teaching what is popular but what is safe. Your participants will get a good workout no matter there fitness level and it will be executed much cleaner and safer. I will be back again.

Boy it is "Fun To Stay Fit" and injury free.

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From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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