Do you want to sweat 6?

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 6927)

Combo 1: 32 counts (starting right lead)

Combo 2: 32 counts (starting right lead)

Combo 3: 32 counts (starting right lead)

Combo 4: 32 counts (starting right lead)

Perhaps some new moves here:

* Step & lunge: Step right with right foot (1), lift left knee (2), lunge back with left leg (3), lift left knee again (4), step to the left with left foot (5), lift right knee (6), lunge back with right leg (7), lift right knee (8) I like to cue it "step, knee, lunge, knee, step, knee, lunge, knee". Once the class is used to it they can really take the intensity high.

** The step knees here can be single/single/double if you want to change leads

*** The walk (or hustle) is the standard hustle move with a tap at count 4. At that tap turn toward the side of the tap (if you're on the right lead, turn left) and grapevine back (retracing the walk or hustle).

Combo 3 makes a cross pattern on the floor. Left lead is the same as right except that the turns are toward the right.

I usually do all four combos on the right, then use the lead change on combo 4 to do it all again on the left.

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From: Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)
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