ALL THE WAY... WITH 70 (percent that is!)

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Anyway...down to business!...I have used this pattern three times in my classes and it's a goodie.

Warm up - 6-9 minutes

First song: a little lower in intensity (50-60%)

Here's the pattern:

REPEAT until song is done (3-4 minutes)

Next song spin seated on 30% alternate speeding up and sprinting, then slowing down. Then 40% seated, sprint then slow down. Alternate between 30% and 40%. (the song should be about 3-4 min.) These two sets will be the pattern throughout the whole class. Let them know this...but from now on the sets will be at 70%!

Next song: Take it to 70%- this should be really hard seated! Repeat the above 15 second set through 2 songs (6-8 minutes) This is the only time you stay this long on seventy because after awhile the legs can't take it.

Next song use above (30% and 40% set) with a 3-4 minute song.

Next song: go back to 70% repeat 15 second pattern.

Next song: back to 30% - 40% set

Next song: back to the 70% set

and on and on it goes alternating back and forth. You should get 5 sets of 70% in there. The 70% standing sprints get harder and harder and going from standing sprint to sitting 70% is hard (if you're truly at 70% that is.)

This class whips by and the legs are dead by the end.


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