Crazy Eight 32cts

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 6968)

This is just 32 counts (one 16 count move done twice) My classes are really enjoying this one so I thought I would share. I tried to find the entire routine but have misplaced it and will submit it at a later date.

Steps are horizontal end to end    xxxxx    xxxxx
                                     1st      2nd

I call this move Crazy Eights

Begin at 2nd right lead:
Sounds like this when cued, explanation will follow!

Ready to begin at 1st with left lead

After the mambo chasses are 2 counts each and move around end of step turning as you go, end at the inside corner of next step

      e* - -- <----<    s=start  e=end
   xxxxx     xxxxx *
            s*---> *

Diagonal over 1st to back of step (go beyond end of step) (4) pivot with left foot (2) and walk left & right (2) to inside corner of 1st left lead. Repeat from mambo.

The secret here is to really move those feet on the chasses/ avoid staying in place while you chasse, cover ground and get to that next step. HAVE FUN!

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