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Sports Conditioning moves. Easy to do especially if you have a basketball court, but you could set these up anywhere.

I used the lines on the court for four different stations. We did each station for two minutes. Divided group up, at least 4 per group is best for energy.

Station #1:

This station has four parts--
using outside boundaries of court, starting on right long side
(a) run with knees high to goal end
(b) shuffle left across top line
(c) moving backward with right leg in back scoot back keeping guard in front of you, when you reach center court switch so that left leg is in back as you scoot backward.
(d) shuffle to right along end of court back to start. Continue until 2 minutes is up

Station #2:

Using half circle line in front of basket. Start at either end scoot 2x along line then jump shot to basket, scoot 2x shoot, scoot 2x & shoot when they reach the other end of line run across under basket and continue... when one minute is left change direction.

Station #3

Using center court line:

        x l x

Partner up, facing each other, line in between

As the instructor I stayed at this station and called out the movement. I found this station particularly exhausting for them so I changed the movement according to the intensity. Here are some of the cues I gave. I gave them a visual cue as to which way I wanted them to move first that became forward so when I wanted them to move other way that was back
(a) scoot forward two, back one, jump up & high five partner 5x
(b) scoot forward four, back one, one high five jump then flurrie upper cuts
(c) scoot forward three, back three, high five jump 2 x & repeat
(d) the last 10 -15 seconds have them do ten high five jumps with partner.

Note: partners are facing each other moving same direction. Call (a) 3 - 4 times in a row the (b) 4 - 5 times etc. If they reach the end of line have those two partners run behind others to other end & continue.

Station #4

Using one half court, I set up 6 - 8 cones two rows, about eight feet apart staggered:

         x-1      x-3     x-5       x-7
start >                                         5 jacks
             x-2      x-4      x-6         x-8     V
      <      <   <      <     < run <     <   <

Shuffle, to cone #1 then to # 2 etc at end do 5 jumping jacks then run back to start.

After we made it through once, all four stations, we played a game of tag on one half of the court for 5 minutes:

Using small hand ball, bean bag, rock (something that fits easily in hand) Two people are "it" they chase and tag others, if you get tagged you are handed the ball and are now an "it" there continue to be two "its" throughout the game. This keeps it very active and keeps their feet moving to work on agility. I got this Tag idea from Suzanne Nottingham many years ago at an IDEA convention. Every time I use it it's a hit!

After tag we did four stations again this time one minute each. If you have any questions about these drills, please email me.
Best of luck, Ann

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