Wet & Wild Waterboxing#2

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6971)

Here are a couple more blocks to waterboxing to try out...
A suggestion that really helps your students. Before you start doing all these moves in your active routine, during the warm-up, have them hold on to the side of the pool, you go on the deck, and in slow motion go through a roundhouse and snap kick on each side....I do this every week so they can perfect their form. All these combos I submit I have done in my class and work well for me.

Block #l

Do the same thing travelling backwards.

Block #2

**Shin block-hop on left foot bring your right knee up rebounding off the bottom of the pool and then return that right foot to bottom of the pool...as you rebound do the block with the arms.

**Headblock...arms are stretched out of the water overhead, cross the wrists (makes an "X")...hands are in a fist

Block #3

**Flurries--feet wide apart a fast football tire type run...you know the kind where all your body jiggles....

**Downward blocks with arms--just like the ones above but drive your arms toward the bottom of the pool crossing at the wrists...since your are standing stationary...alternating right arm in front on the "X" and next time left...and do these fast...

Very important to try these things by yourself first. Don't just go in cold and try to teach these to your class. When I have knew stuff then I go early to class and get in the pool to see how all my combos feel. It is one thing to write them down and it is a whole other ballgame to execute them in water. If you have questions about the technical boxing terms, write me and I will try and explain the moves. I highly recommend the Fitour Kickboxing Certification. It was the safest, most informative and thorough certification I have taken in l5 years of teaching. Safety is their Number One goal. It was a 3 day seminar taught by the leading experts in the field of martial arts and kickboxing...not just aerobic instructors adding boxing moves to your aerobic patterns. They stressed all the contraindicated moves that should NOT be taught to all populations for group exercise.

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