Karn's Easter Tapless Duo

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6996)

Vertical step

Assuming a right leg lead from the left side of the step.

Start on the vertical step with knees to the corners, front and back and progress to kick front and knee to back. Then demo the flip kick front and knee to the back. Flip kick: step up right (1), kick left foot out while turning upper body to the left away from step (2), then walk walk (3,4) to back corner of step. (then it's step knee lift to back corner)...then start teaching the...

L-step on front end and back end of the step. (so far, you can teach all of this without any tapping. I find it's easier to teach most things facing the front first, before I break it down and add directions...) I won't assume anyone knows any of this terminology..so if you know the L-step...skip forward...L-step: right foot on step (1), left knee in air (2,) left foot on floor at north end of step, body 1/4 pivots to face side of the room, right knee in air (4), right foot on step (5), left knee in air, body 1/4 pivoting to back of room (6), walk walk to back corner of step left/right (7/8).

When you put the two together...It's flip kick to the front/L-step to the south end of the step. You will end up with your left knee in the air facing the east side of the room, with the narrow end of the step on your left. (8) counts

Teach a mambo on the floor/step knee on the bench, progress to a 360 pivot on the floor/step knee on the bench. Then 360 pivot/L-step to west side of step: step forward left on floor (1), turn body to right and shift weight to right foot, face west wall (2), step left foot forward (3), turn body to east wall and shift weight to right leg (4)/step up on bench left foot (5), right knee in air (6), turn body to front of room, down down right/left (7,8) on floor.

The mambo cha cha cha starts on the floor...angle away from the step slightly and start with right foot forward on floor (1), shift weight to left foot (2) and cha cha cha right/left/right (3&4) turning your body to face the back of the room.

My fancy chug is based on the "peg leg"...left foot rocks on step (5) facing the back of the room remember! Weight shifts to right foot on floor (6), left foot presses on east side of step (on the other side) (7), weight shifts to right foot, (8) (in same place as before...) left foot on top on step (9), weight shifts to right foot (10) and start turning your body to the front of the room for a cha cha cha left/right/left (11&12)... you will be ready to place your right foot on the step, facing the front of the room.

Scissor over the top: right foot on step (13) left leg swings behind and over the step (14), step down down left/right (15/16). No tap...ready to begin on the east side of step again.

Remember to take your time TEACHING BOTH SIDES!!! Half the fun and work is in getting there. The final product is frosting.

Took too long explaining...If anyone's interested...additional tapless combos later... Thanks for sharing everyone

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