Start with a BANG!

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 7026)

This is a great exercise to start the class with, it really wakes the upper body muscles up and gets EVERYBODY'S attention!. This is a super set (pryamid style) with push ups. You will need a step box.

Each set consists of 8 push ups, with no rest in between sets.

Start with 8 push ups, on your knees, hands on the step box.

Quickly move to the floor for 8 more push ups, on your knees.

Quickly do 8 more push ups on your toes.

Go back to your knees (on the floor) and do 8 more push ups.

Finish with 8 more push ups, on your knees, hands on the step box.

This is a killer. I encourage those able to try it, but for those who just can't do push ups on their toes, I tell them to stay on their knees. Now just about every major muscle in the upper body is awake and ready for more isolated conditioning!

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