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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7031)

This is a no tap/self reversing routine.

Each explaination will be for right lead.

*Double knee/scissor = Double knee repeater-on beat 6 step back with the right foot then scissor the legs so the right leg comes forward and the left leg steps back in one beat, then scissor again so the left leg comes forward and the right leg steps back for a total of (8) beats.

**Hesitated turnstep = Step up right then left into a turnstep-on beat 3 the right foot taps the floor like in a regular turnstep, but on beat 4 leave the left foot on the bench instead of tapping down-on beat 5 the right foot is going back on the bench to finish the turnstep-on beat 6 the left foot is on the floor-beat 7 and 8 just bring the right foot to the floor with a hop for 2 for a total of (8) beats

***Double kick/straddle = Step up right then left-on beat 3 and 4 double kick the right foot as if shaking water off your shoe-on beat 5 and 6 turn and pause to the left wall still standing on top of the bench with your left leg forward and right leg back-beat 7 and 8 is the straddle down right then left.

I teach each separate pattern right lead then left and go on to the next pattern until all five are done. Then I go back to the beginning and teach pattern 1 on right lead, pattern 2 on left lead, and so on so that when I finish pattern 5 I'm ready to start pattern 1 on left lead. The last day I teach the routine I do it backwards just to shake them up.

Please email me with comments, this is my first submission.

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