Amy's Boot Camp #1

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Equipment needed: step with 4 risers, 1 set light weights, one set heavier, Stopwatch, mat



Do two minutes of each exercise listed. Use the stopwatch. Usually I get the participants involved and teach them how to use the stopwatch. They then take turns keeping time for the individual exercises. They always tell us when one minute is up and we have one minute to go. Explanations of exercises with * follow. Always recover for a few seconds when needed. Have participants take a walk around the aerobics room for a few laps if they seem out of breath or overexerted. Depending on how much recovery time you take, you may not get through all the exercises, or you may need some more fillers.


Hurdlers run: Put hands on step and get in the position like you were going to start a race. Alternate each leg, running on the ground in that horizontal position.

Squat thrust: Stand in front of bench. Squat down and put hands on bench. Thrust legs out behind you sort of like a push up stance. Bring legs back in, stand up and repeat.

Lunge, lunge, squat: Start with legs shoulder width apart, do a forward lunge with the left leg and hold for two counts, switch to right leg and hold for two counts, jump immediately into a squat position and hold for two counts. Start over. This is a fast paced combo.

Ski jumps: Standing up straight put arms behind head like you would in a crunch. Jump from side to side.

Plank Jack: Get in plank position. Forearms on ground, and toes on ground supporting the body. Keep body in line, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be level. Contract abs. Look down at the ground with head up, not hanging to support neck. Legs should start together, jump them apart, hold, then jump them back together again. Repeat. Tighten abs and move legs in a fluid motion.

I got the basic idea for this Boot Camp off someone else's pattern submitted to this page! I just tailored it to my class needs! Thanks for all your ideas! Let me know if you have any questions about this routine.

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From: Keflavik (Iceland)
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