"T" for "Tuff"

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7590)

The step is in the form of a "T" in this one.
It looks like this:

       X X X


There needs to be enough room in between the steps for chase, etc.

Repeat this sequence but diagonal left this time.

Repeat this going back the other direction, I complete this move there and back 2x.

You are now facing the front at the back left corner of the vertical step.

Repeat over the top of the step moving left first this time and go through this whole routine again from the opposite direction.

This last section I usually teach as the warm-up because it is a little tricky and it's the last move, which tends to come harder after a long workout.

Repeat this section from the opposite corner.

After this is completed, to begin from the start do 3 over the tops moving forward and walk up behind the horizontal step.

*** Chase is a triple step beginning with the inside foot in any given direction. This move is syncopated for a short time, which can be challenging, but it evens out at the grapevine.

*** "Turn around the T" can be made simpler by cueing the 3rd and 6th counts as the ones on the floor, saying them with emphasis works for me.

*** Another name for "scissors" can be "skis", but sometimes my students get confused with the "ski jump" cued earlier.

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