Of 3s and 6s - the Waltz

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7592)

Horizontal bench, 32 count tapless, self-reversing.

Each pattern is of the form 12 + 12 + 8, for a rather off-beat 32 counts. Many of the 12-count portions are made up of successive 3-count moves, for a waltz feel. Others use 6-count moves.

See Alternatives/Options at the end for alternate ways to put the patterns together, including a true waltz-time option.

Pattern 1

Repeat left lead

Pattern 2

Repeat left lead

Pattern 3


Pattern 1 steps:

The 3-count turn, over, and hop-turn are just the first three counts of their 4-count counterparts. They conclude with one foot on the floor, and the other poised over the bench, ready for the next step.

* 3-count turn (right lead):

** 3-count over the bench (right lead):

*** 3-count hop-turn (left lead from north/front side, facing west/left):

Pattern 2 steps:

* Waltz around the world:
This alternates the 3-count turn and 3-count over to go around the bench.

** V, hop, knee, exit:

*** Single side lunge, right lead:
Right lead - up, lunge to north/front side, exit at south/home, turning inward to face west (6). In more detail:

Pattern 3 steps:

* V Waltz (right lead):
This is just the classic ballroom waltz step, done first on the bench and then on the floor.

** Single knee, hop turn (right lead from south/home side)

*** 3-count mambo:
You are on the north/front side of the bench, facing south/back, left lead.

Then perform the mirror movements on the east corner, beginning right lead

**** Over, Single knee:
You are on the north/front side of the bench, facing west/left, left lead.

Turn inward to face southeast/right in preparation for the next move

**** Shuffle over, rock back:
You are on the south/home side of the bench, facing east/right, left lead. This over the top variation is a syncopated move (1&2, 3, 4).


Then use the routine above, or the major steps from it, dropping all the the 8-count portions. This would make the pattern just 12 + 12, for 24-count phrases, which would most likely match the phrases in the music -- 8 bars of 3 counts each.

Email me with any questions.

If you use any of this, please let me know how it went.

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