Amy's Boot Camp #2

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Equipment needed: step tire run (explanation follows), medicine balls, set of heavy weights, mat, cones (or just use step risers if you don't have cones), whistle.

Step set up:
Set up a line of steps parallel to the front of the room. I put two risers under each step. How many steps you place depends on the size of your room. I probably place about 14. I put cones in the middle of the room and the tire run in the back of the room. It should look like this.

             Front of room

        C     O     N     E     S


These X's are the steps set up end to end 
with two risers under each

              Back of room

Interval Sequence #1

Interval Sequence #2

Interval Sequence #3

Interval Sequence #4

Interval Sequence #5

Interval Sequence #6

Interval Sequence #7

  • Use this time to recover. Walk around the room or do a slow walk down the tire run line and through the cones.
  • *Slow Tire Run: Put one leg on each side of the step line. Get knees up high and march down the line with a leg on each side. Go slow the first couple of times to get each participant familiar with the layout.

    *Stomp Around the Step: Start sideways on the line of steps with everyone lined up. Put left foot on step and right foot on floor. Use the heels and start to lightly stomp on the step. Start walking and go the whole length of the step back to where you started. Turn around switch legs and repeat. For cues make sure they are standing up straight, putting the weight in the heel, not stomping to hard on the step.

    *Partner Medicine Ball Obliques: Each team of two people have a medicine ball. They stand back to back and twist at the waist to pass the ball back and forth to each other. Blow the whistle and have them change directions occasionally.

    I explain the format of class during the warm up and show the participants the equipment we will be using. I use an interval tape that has 3 minutes of music, then a whistle blows and there is 1.5 minutes more of music. So we are doing intervals with times of 3 and 1.5 minutes. I always tell them to listen for the whistle. Usually I also carry a whistle and use it to change our direction in the middle of our 3 minute cardio. I also individualize this routine by sending different people on different activities during the 3 minutes. I might whistle and send one person on three laps around the room with football turns in each corner while everyone else is doing the 3 minute interval. I also like to change the directions we are going frequently. While students are doing the first three minutes of the interval sequence I take time to explain what they will be doing when the whistle blows and they need to go into the 1.5 minute interval. Things with * in the routine are explained further.

    It is sort of hard to explain all of this, so email me with any questions! And thank you to everyone I got my ideas from : )

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    From: Keflavik (Iceland)
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