Resist-a-ball your Hamstrings!

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Resist-a-ball is becoming a normal part of toning and sculpting in our gym. Here is a nice hamstring exercise with THREE different levels ~ something for everyone!

Lie on your back straight legs and arms beside your hips. Place the ball under your heels keeping your legs straight. Slowly pull the ball in towards your butt until your feet are flat on the ball and you are feeling a nice stretch in your hams. Slowly roll the ball back out so your heels are on top of the ball and your legs are straight again. Using 2 counts of the music (124 -130 toning type music) pull in for 2 counts and push out for 2 counts. That is LEVEL ONE.

LEVEL TWO: Lift your butt off the floor a couple to a few inches while moving the ball in and out as in LEVEL ONE. You will feel the increased intensity.

LEVEL THREE: I LOVE THIS ONE! Continue to move the ball in 2 counts and out 2 counts, continue and maintain the butt lift NOW LIFT ONE LEG straight up and leave it there! Continue to roll the ball with only one leg. Switch legs. Do as many as you feel fit into your routine. Email me or watch for more posted on RESIST-A-BALL! Thanks! Sandra

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