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Here's another advanced step pattern for your classes who like challenging choreography. Horizontal step. All patterns self-reversing and tapless. The moves that need explanations will be broken down at the end.

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Break down:

Combo 1:

Up jack * repeater knee: up & jack (4), repeat right knee (really a lunge) right toe to floor (5), right knee up (6), right toe to floor (7), right knee up (8) etc, down right & left on 11&12.
Roundhouse: step up right foot on west side of bench (1), kick to west side with left leg (2), step down on floor at west end of bench with left foot (3), march right on floor (4), step on floor with left foot (5) and kick to east side with right leg (6). When they have this you can add a turn to the marches--step up, kick, step down and turn away from the bench, step, step turning back to the front and kick. Kind of a martial arts looking move.
Up side lunge off: step up right on west end of bench (1), step up left foot next to right at west end (2), lunge right foot on east end of bench (3), right foot returns to west end (4), step left foot off at west end (5), step right foot off at west end (6). Advanced folks can take the lunge off the east end if they are so inclined.
2 Steps back: you are standing on the floor at the west end of the bench. Simply take 2 steps back to the south side of your bench (home) left & right. NO TAP.
Corner mambo: step left foot on east corner of bench while lifting right foot slightly (1), step on floor right while lifting left foot up from bench (2), step down left on floor while lifting right foot slightly (3), right foot to west corner of bench while lifting left foot slightly (4), step on floor left while lifting right foot up from bench (5), right foot to floor (6).

Combo 2

2 Knees on/pivot off: up and repeat left knee 2 times (4), step down left beginning to turn towards the back of the room (5), step down right and complete your turn to face the back of the room (6), pivot on left foot on floor while lifting right foot slightly turning back to face the front of the room (north) (7), step towards bench on right foot (8). You should be poised to go into lunges left lead.
Wide push: called other things on this site too. Up left and right as if doing a turnstep (1,2), rock back on left foot on step while lifting right foot slightly (3), step down right while lifting left foot up off bench slightly.
Rebound: I cue this "diagonal, lunge, back, jack". Up left & right as regular diagonal (1,2), left toes to floor off northeast corner (3), step back to bench with left foot (4), down right, left (5,6) & jack (7,8).

Combo 3

Kick straddle cha cha: step up right at west end and kick left (1,2), step to floor left (3), step to floor right on NORTH side of bench (and), step left on floor in same spot (4).
Rev turn cha cha: up right and left as in regular reverse turn (1,2), step down right on floor towards east end of bench (3), step on floor left next to right (and), step on floor left at east corner of bench (4).
Figure 8: same movement as in full L-step but you take it around the end and straddle. Up left at east end and lift right knee (1,2), step down right and lift left knee while travelling around east end of bench (3,4), step on bench left and lift right knee--you are now ready to straddle the bench facing west (5,6), straddle down right, left (7,8). Do it again other lead and other direction and you've got a figure 8!
Corner glutes: need no explanation except I cue this "corner glutes off the back" so they know how to come out of the figure 8. Have them add power and really hop it up!

Whew! That't it! I hope you have fun with it. Email me with questions. I'd love to hear from you!

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